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DVD relase from 30th Nov. 2005!

Subtitles in: Czech, English, French, Serbian, Spanish and Russian.

The two-sided disc features a wide selection of special bonus features: 32 minutes of deleted scenes, both the “bloody” and “blood-free” theatrical trailers, an extensive photo gallery, the complete soundtrack (including a new arrangement of theme song “Hey Ho”), a complete series of Czech television commercials (two of these were not featured in the film), and a hidden bonus! Sound in Dolby Digital 5 +1 format!

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Eddie Cockrell, Variety, Jul, 2004

Screening dates and venues:
07 Oct: Chapter Cardiff. 13 Oct: Special Event Q&A with Producer Irena Taskovsky, Leigh Film Society, The Orange Pod, South East Essex College, Southend On Sea, 7:30pm. Entry £5 / LFS members/Students £3.50. 28 Oct: Theatr Clwyd - 1 day only

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Czech Dream- 87 min - A documenatry hyper-comedy about hypermarket that did not exit. Written by Vít Klusák & Filip Remunda Directed by Vít Klusák & Filip Remunda by Miles Watts for Aestetica Magazine.

Czech Dream photoDoes modern life seems increasingly shallow and meaningless? Do corporations plague your every attempt to be 'someone who buys things' and not 'a consumer'? If you find yourself increasingly screaming at adverts 'It's all lies!' then Czech Dream is the absolute must-see movie for you. Czech Dream was made by two penniless film students, Vít Klusák and Filip Remunda.

It is a documentary that comes across as an expensive Trigger Happy TV-style practical joke, commenting on how capitalism has gone mad in Europe.

Spurred on by the modern obsession with hypermarkets in the Czech Republic, our heroes decided to stage an enormous ad campaign for a hypermarket to end all hypermarkets. Great prices, quality products, and a mystery location revealed at the last minute. sounds great? The only problem is, there is no hypermarket. Just some scaffolding in a meadow with a beautiful logo smeared across it. Czech Dream is a film that knowingly unravels itself with very little bluff and bluster, instead realising the potential for the experiment to work its magic.

Czech Dream photoThe genius of Czech Dream is the way that the film is constructed to make every part of the process from logo design to ad campaigns utterly rivetting and revelling in the squirm worthy feeling that results from the audience 'being in' on the joke. One priceless moment is when the ad guys realise that the hypermarket is a scam. This occurs after they thought of the slogan 'don't go there' and the filmmakers mirth reveals all.

'We don't lie in advertising' states one of them, whilst the other wrestles with his conscience for approximately ten minutes of screen time before letting his ego justify the whole process and cheerfully carries on.

The poignancy of the final reel, where the poor attendees to this non-event finally realise what's going on, is as much a revelation as it is comedy heaven. Some are shocked, some are tickled, all have an opinion.

This is the anti-Jackass, a cynical, intelligent social experiment that says more in 87 minutes than most news programmes and satires have tried in years. And when it's all over, will everyone have learned their lesson, ignore the banners and ad campaigns telling them where to go and what to buy? To quote the filmmakers, 'we'll see'.

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Czech Dream - documentary movie from Prague

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