Bechyne is Beautiful SPA city in South Czech, not far from Tabor (30 Km).
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About Bechyne

The Town of Bechyne is situated in the picturesque countryside over the river Luznice. In the past it belonged to the oldest administrative centres and included a considerable part of South Bohemia with the residence of the archdeanconry as early as at the beginning of the Middle Ages.

The Bechyne owners coat-of-arms reminds you of the old symbol of South Bohemia - cinquefoil rose, the crest of Petr Vok - the last Rosenberg regent.

The most valuable architectural sights are the castle complex and the late Gothic minster with its magnificent diamond vault. For more than two hundred years the town has been renowned for spa treatment, the production of traditional South-Bohemian ceramics and the oldest Czech ceramic school in this country.

Bechyne Bridge

At the beginning of the 20th century Bechyne was connected with Tabor by the railway but the terminal station was on the left bank of the Luznice river. Since the twenties the need of the connection of both banks of the river had become more and more urgent because the old bridge in the village of Zareci with two-metre wide road and a bearing capacity of thirty quitals had not complied with the increasing transport and industrial requirments.

As early as 1922, the administrative committee in Bechyne considered the possibility of building a new bridge and in the end it came to the conclusion that the new bridge would be built in the narrowest place of the Luznice valley between the terminal railway station and the town.

First Electric Railway Between Tabor and Bechyne

As early as the end od the 19th century the inhabitants of Bechyne began to aspire to establish a railway connection with the town of Tabor and possibly with the towns of Tyn nad Vltavou and Vodnany. The Co-operative of the Bechyný Railway was headed by the mayor Hynek Daniel, MD.

Very soon the co-operative won the favour of the goverment and the Land Diet and so as early as in 1896 the Diet of Czech Kingdom decided to take over guarantee of the construction of the railway from Tabor to Bechyne.

The Czech Edison Frantisek Krizik who was doing experiments with the electric propulsion on the railway and who was constantly and stubbornly persuading people about the advantages of modern electric transport. And so, after common efforts of the co-operative and Krizik`s firm, a permit to work out the project of electric propulsion was granted.

Bechyne Castle

Almost nothing has remained of the original 13th century castle and its parts reconstructed later in neo-Gothic style. Of the interior reconstructions carried out after extensive rebuilding work at the end of the 16th century, only several ground-floor rooms have been preserved; prominent among them is a vaulted hall with a central sandstone pillar in the form of a tree with the branches cut off. The Sternberk star is hewn in the portal of the southern wall.

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Hotel Panska Bechyne

Hotel Panska Bechyne ***

Hotel Panska Bechyne is a recently-opened three-star hotel. It is located in the town centre of the spa town of Bechyne, 20 km south of Tabor. The town and its Renaissance castle are situated in the beautiful countryside along the Luznice River, which has remained untouched by tourism.