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      Welcome to CESKE BUDEJOVICE

The city was founded in the year 1265 by Premysl Otakar II. - the king by Bohemia - at the junction of Malse and Vltava (Moldau) river.

The historical center of Ceske Budejovice is an area under historical protection.

From old fortifications of city there are remains of "Otakarka" bastion with military tower "Iron Virgin" (Zelezna Panna) and Rabenstein tower. The heart of the historical dustrict is the Square of Premysl Otakar II which belongs to the largest square in Czech Republic and in Central Europe. It is formed as a nearly perfect square of 133 x 133 m. and offers to the visitors preserved baroque, rennaissane as well as gothic city houses. The originaly renaissance city townhall (1555) has be rebuild in years 1727-1730 into its nowdays baroque look. The townhall went through recontruction in past years and is a very nice atraction to see probably the most impressive of the whole square. There is also "Samsons fountain" with its alegoric figures which is in the middle of the square and which was built in years 1720-27. In the northeast corner of the square there is an impressive Cathedral of St. Nicolaus. This was founded at the begining of the town in 13. century - originally a gothic church which was rebuild into baroque style in 17th century and from the year of 1748 was used as bishops cathedral. Beside the cathedral there is a dominant of the city which is Black Tower (1549-77) which is 72 metres high and offers great view over the town. In year 1265 during the foundation of the city there was also founded dominican monastery with Virgin Mary Sacrification Church and White Tower. Other historical see-sights are Masne Kramy ("Meat shops") in Krajinska street - a rennaissance building which serve now as famous restaurant, the Bishops residence in Biskupska street and many other.

Among the first-class technical monuments of Ceske Budejovice is the local horse railway (Konesprezka) (1825-32), which made a fast transport of goods and persons possible between Budweis and Linz and supporte the growth of the city.

Of this time the tourists remind the former guard house (1828), which lay beside the load station which is considered to be the oldest station on the European continent. Beside the guard house in the Mánesova street still different architectural monuments on the former horse railway route remained, e.g. the hotel at that time "At Green branch" (U Zelené ratolesti) in the Husova street (1821).

Ceské Budejovice, the city with nearly 100,000 inhabitants, was and is the political, financial and cultural center of south of Czech Republic. It is a statutory district and district town. In the city is a set of offices, societies, companies, enterprises (Budvar, Hardtmuth - Koh i noor), banking houses and insurance offices. There are also several theatres and cinemas, culture and showrooms. Budejovice is also an important railway and traffic junction and also an important center of the public education with its South Czech University where the students can study Paedagogic, agriculture, biology, theology, etc..

The city has also its Academy of Sciences.



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