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Ceske Budejovice Hotels

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Accommodation in Ceske Budejovice Hotels and Pensions

Hotel Dvorak Ceske Budejovice

Hotel Dvorak Ceske Budejovice ****

The Hotel Dvorak is located just on the square of Ceske Budejovice on the premises of the former Hotel Slunce, rebuilt as Shopping Gallery Dvorak, a new centre of shopping in Ceske Budejovice. In this building there is situated a wide range of shops, boutiques as well as restaurants and coffee houses. The Hotel Dvorak which provides services of the 3 stars standard was built at the same time as the Gallery.
Hotel Gomel Ceske Budejovice

Hotel Gomel Ceske Budejovice ****

Hotel Gomel, completely refurbished, is an elegant high-rise building, located in the very heart of Ceske Budejovice. It is within five minutes walking distance from the Old Town and the citys main square. You can leave your car or bus at our hotel parking lot.
Hotel Adler Ceske Budejovice

Hotel Adler Ceske Budejovice ***

There are 24 rooms all together in Hotel Adler – 2 single bedrooms, 20 double bedrooms, and 2 triple bedrooms. Bathroom (WC + shower) is a part of each room. All the rooms are equiped with TV + satellite, radio, telephone (connection to Internet is possible), desk, and minibar
Hotel Bohemia Ceske Budejovice

Hotel Bohemia Ceske Budejovice ***

Hotel Bohemia is situated at the intersection of Hradební and Plachého streets, ca. 200 m from the central square (namesti Premysla Otakara II.) and the Black tower, and in the opposite direction ca. 200 m from a large parking lot on the Marianske square.
Hotel Klor Ceske Budejovice

Hotel Klor Ceske Budejovice ***

Hotel Klor is located in the lovely valley of the river Malse and a peaceful area of the village Doudleby. This excellent position offers to the hotel guests a very clean, comfortable and undisturbed world of relaxation.
Hotel U Tri Lvu Ceske Budejovice

Hotel U Tri Lvu Ceske Budejovice ***

This comfortable 3 stars hotel with friendly houselike atmosphere and good services is situated next to the historical centre of the town, in quiet milieu of U Tri lvu (at three lions) street, only 5 minutes of walk from Premysl Otakar II. square.
Hotel Zatkuv Dum Ceske Budejovice

Hotel Zatkuv Dum Ceske Budejovice ***

The hotel is located in two originaly gothic buildings forming a part of fortification wall of the royal town of České Budějovice. The city wall protected on this spot one of the most important gates into town – the Prague gate what was pulled down in 19th century and what stood next to our hotel. Ceske Budejovice

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