Learn Czech in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is landlocked and Czech is the official language, spoken not only in the country but also in Poland, Germany, Slovakia and Austria. Anyone traveling to these regions or wishing to do business with organizations located in these countries would vastly benefit by having a more than passing knowledge of the language. There are innumerable Czech courses abroad. However, learning the language in its native country, simultaneously imbibing the history and culture and getting to know the people adds new dimensions and facets to your understanding; it broadens your perspectives and horizons.

If you wish to gain a deeper understanding of the language, learn Czech in Czech Republic, preferably at a teacher's home. ESL arranges personalized coaching in a teacher's home in Prague in the Czech Republic and you receive intensive training relevant to your profession. ESL has the best connections with accredited, professionally qualified bilingual teachers located in and around Prague and you can specify your preferences and your requirements so that a matching teacher is chosen to impart Czech language skills to you.
Course curriculum is the same as in any international quality partner language school with the added benefit of extremely personalized teaching that focuses on vocabulary and expressions suited to your business or profession. In comparison to study in a classroom environment, a personalized, one-to-one teaching method teaches more within a short time, gives the student a chance to ask questions and refine his knowledge in an immeasurably better way.
For practical purposes ESL suggests having a partner along if you intend to pursue Czech courses abroad. Prague will be your destination and you can choose a teacher based on your lifestyle preferences and your interests. You can start at a basic level and continue on till the advanced level where you will be able to speak Czech like a native. Courses are structured and easy to follow at your convenience. You can leave off after attaining a certain level and then pursue the next level at your convenience. Czech courses abroad are ideal for professionals and business executives involved in dealings in any of the countries where the language is used.

An added advantage when you learn Czech in Czech Republic is that you have a chance to enjoy to the full the charms of Prague, its princely historic past, the current culture, architecture, cuisine and of course its magnificent jazz concerts in this mecca of Jazz in Europe. Go hiking, explore caves, visit spas and explore the wonderful castles and mountains of this Central European Republic. It is more affordable than you think and when you consider the wonderfully unique experience in store, it gives you more value.

Enrolling is easy through the online form and you can expect travel related assistance, assistance for visa and insurance and surface pick up if you wish. Mix learning Czech with travel and leisure In a wonderfully designed package that will leave fond memories (and of course Czech language skills) long after your trip is over.

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