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Beer is the essence of any Czech culinary attitude. It is produced according to Czech methods worldwide and its quality is respected everywhere. No wonder that the Czech Republic has the highest consumption of beer per citizen on an international level. Unsurprisingly you may find more than 800 Pubs in Prague to choose from and a few of them existing since centuries. No other item do Czechs take more pride in and tasting a beer in Prague is a must.

Cocktail Bars

Cocktail Bars declares some bars in Prague as meeting and even exceeding international standards. Experience where the 'Crème de la Crème' hangs out for an aperitif or nightcap. If classic bartending seems not enough entertaining for you, we will guide you to best show mixers in town.

Trend Bars

Trend Bars

There are always insider tips necessary to give a city a particular touch of quality and entertainment. The trendsetting scene in Prague offers you a variety of leading concepts in their niche market. Selective entrance controls might prevent you from getting in but their peak hours will tickle your thoughts of never leaving Prague again.