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The best possible support on Prague's nightlife highlights.

Get your Prague Nightlife Package! declares some bars in Prague as meeting and even exceeding international standards. Experience where the 'Crème de la Crème' hangs out for an aperitif or nightcap. If classic bartending seems not enough entertaining for you, we will guide you to best show mixers in town.

Stochastically, using 60 different beverages with a minimum ingredient amount of 1 cl allows to produce at least 4 billion mixtures of 2 dl.

Adding to this fact the human imprecision, we may consider that there are no boundaries for cocktails and it is almost impossible to taste twice in your life the exact same drink. Nevertheless, cocktail bars have grown in appreciation all over the world and the professionals have also conquered the night market in Prague.

We have searched out the most impressive cocktail professionals considering their precision at work, efficiency, creativity, communication and entertainment skills. In general the level of technical knowledge is very high and exceeds many other destinations in Europe or the World.

But the main thing for them to work on, like in most other countries, remains with professional and entertaining handling of interpersonal communication and how to proactively influence the general ambiance.

Regarding the design features of these Cocktail Bars, we recommend t review the eight point advice mentioned in the restaurant chapter on how to analyze establishment visuals.

But the choices are large and always keep in mind that only you know exactly what you are looking for. Therefore understand well your requirements and wishes and assistance will provide you the most appropriate results.


Cocktail Bar Buggsys

Very popular Prague bar with one of the widest selections of cocktails in the City. The more than 200 cocktails on the menu are expertly prepared to order by knowledgable and experienced bartenders.


Cocktail Bar Ocean Drive

This stylish dive evokes a trip to south Florida in the era when Ernest Hemingway punched Wallace Stevens' lights out in Key West, only without the fisticuffs. Excellent cocktails.


Cocktail Bar Tretters

Tretter's cocktail bar is probably the one place in Prague where modern times rub up against the nostalgia of the Paris or the New York of the 30's. The deep red of the interior, of which the owner ( as designer ) is rightfully proud, adds to the feeling of a real bar. Caribbean cocktails adorned with orchids further add to feelings of romance and delicacy...


Alcohol Bar

Come to have a fun with friends and taste one of 400 delicious cocktails. Or just enjoy quite moments with drink and cigar. There are 70 sorts of whisky, 45 sorts of rum and 40 sorts of tequila to choose. Our live music pleases you every day...