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Cocktail Bar Buggsys

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Cocktail Bar Buggsys

Parizska street 10, Prague 1

Average price for main course: n/a EUR

Very popular Prague bar with one of the widest selections of cocktails in the City. The more than 200 cocktails on the menu are expertly prepared to order by knowledgable and experienced bartenders. Snacks and finger food are also available, including recently instituted daily sushi specials.

Are you planning a welcome party or a company party?? Are you sure how to serve perfect cocktails? Then you are at the right place.

We are able to ensure a complete bar catering service and to provide you with the best and the most professional bartenders, who prepare cocktails of a high quality that you are used in our bar.

We are also able to ensure educational programs, seminars, and degustation from any part of the gastronomical field.

In case you would like to entertain your party with a free style shows our bartenders we are able to prepare a special show for you. All you have to do is to choose you favorite drinks for the party and leave the rest for us.

The interiors of the Bugsy's Bar underwent a major change in the year 2002. The only original thing that has been preserved is the bar desk. It is the only reminding part of the old interior design.

Dominant part of the bar is the pressed bamboo into small pieces on the floor, with terrazzo in the toilets, a fully illuminated glass humidor for keeping the fresh cigars and an original way of keeping the bar illuminated, which enables us to combine and to program different light modes giving our bar colorful and different illumination most of the time.

The creator of these masterful changes is an architect Jiri Javurek from Genia Loci comp. He is the one who also designed the original image of our bar and later entrusted the innovation of the windows, the glass interior, and the redesigning of our logo to Pavel Lev from Studio Najbrt-Lev.

While you admire its beautiful shape, don't forget to look at the display inside. Some of our more precious treasure can not bee seen anywhere else...


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