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Cocktail Bar Ocean Drive

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Cocktail Bar Ocean Drive

V Kolkovne street 7, Prague 1
Open: 16:00 - 02:00

This stylish dive evokes a trip to south Florida in the era when Ernest Hemingway punched Wallace Stevens' lights out in Key West, only without the fisticuffs. Excellent cocktails.

American Bar - Cafe Ocean Drive is open daily from 16:00 to 02:00 hours and on quietness and lax feeling offers luxury day bar with elegant pan-pacific kitchen with for example cocnut soup from Thailand, chicken meat filled with chilli and nuts with pistachio-sultana rice and mangu chutnay sauce.

At that perhaps alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktail or glass of champagne.

We recommend

try one of the local Pina Coladas - strawberry, banana, chocolate, french, italian, mexican, gold, pink or fabulous Ocean Drive Colada. Or refresh yourself with mango, cherry or raspberry Caipirinha.

The interior evocates the style of Miami influenced by italian-cuban community act on South Beach and its name commemorates one of the local streets.

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