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Cocktail Bar Tretters

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Cocktail Bar Tretters

V Kolkovne street 3

Tretter's cocktail bar is probably the one place in Prague where modern times rub up against the nostalgia of the Paris or the New York of the 30's. The deep red of the interior, of which the owner (as designer) is rightfully proud, adds to the feeling of a real bar.

Caribbean cocktails adorned with orchids further add to feelings of romance and delicacy.

Here you can try at least 150 classic drinks, such as a Bronx or Martini, as well as 50 drinks prepared following the owner's original recipes.

Among these you can find, fori nstance, Caipikahlua, which has gained many aficionados since its introduction, or an alcohol-free Dr. Mattoni, whic is already enjoyed by a large number of customers.

In the bar, you can meet numerous people working in the fashion or film industries, self-made, affluent business moguls, and, of course, lots of ordinary people as most of us are.

The door is open to anyone, and no guest ranks above any other; contempt because of one's face or clothes has absolutely no place here. All guests are served in the same spirit, from Monday to Sunday, from 19.00 to 03.00.

Only five weeks after it opened, the bar was highly praised in the Prague Post magazine, and it has become a favourite destination for many guest who likes to return again and again, which for us is the highest commendation we could wish.


Live music with Juvana Jenkins from USA supported by Blues Band. Every monday from 20:00 to 23:30.

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