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There are always insider tips necessary to give a city a particular touch of quality and entertainment. The trendsetting scene in Prague offers you a variety of leading concepts in their niche market. Selective entrance controls might prevent you from getting in but their peak hours will tickle your thoughts of never leaving Prague again.

Trend Bars crystallize out of the general entertainment or going out offer by attracting key people in an almost magnetic way. They are always full and most individuals wonder 'Why is this place so successful?' In most cases it is not a single quality that makes these establishments a cash cow. They feature a combination of advantages which one by one do not convince of being essential.

Nevertheless they often attract the 'See and wannabe seen' environment and only a few places manage to remain on a trend level for more than 6 months. Therefore it is crucial to find out which establishment enjoys this reputation, out of which some are dying out and some have just evolved to this level.

These hotspots are the fishpond of all the business and showbiz big fishes. VIP's wish to be entertained and therefore are brought to such locations.

You may star at local, national or international stars from the movie, music, modelling, sports, business industry or even politics. The right contact may even succeed to get you hooked up with these VIPs.

Understanding this domain requires time and observation, where both of it lack tourists and irregular visitors. We have selected a few spots and also develop are aware when these places are rocking.

But also these establishments suffer from special events and private parties so take all factors into consideration.

The easiest solution is our hotline that will provide you an immediate report on where to go at the moment of your call.