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Welcome to the INSIDER ZONE! Have you ever wished to continue a wonderful night when all public areas are closing? Do individuals working night shifts never go out? The after hour scene in Prague attracted even celebrities like Bruce Willis, Matt Damon, Vin Diesel and other stars visiting Prague.

We will make these establishments accessible to you and don't may dance until the next evening in company of many.

After clubbing the average citizen has a logic reaction of thinking about going to bed. Some do it because they have to, some because they want to and some because they think there is nothing else to do anymore.

Well they are wrong and miss out a unique way to experience the Prague nightlife! After hours have been launched in Prague to offer barkeepers, dancers, bar owners and all other nightbirds to have their own little weekend. This offer has quickly become a successful business venture and attracted more people than certain clubs. Today, all celebrities are brought to these locations as it is a special that Prague has to offer.

Today certain people even decide to avoid the regular parties and go straight to the after hour after a good night sleep. To maintain a club like environment it is sometimes difficult to get in but we may assist you in providing you an access code or your nightguide will definitely get you in.

Another good characteristic about these places is their cheap offer due to its historic purpose to serve mainly colleagues from the hospitality business. So if you have the energy of joining another party at 3:00 or 5:00 AM, then go for it because you will never believe what you see.


Studio 54

If it's awfully late but you just can't bring yourself to go home, head for Studio 54. This indie club extraordinaire houses night owls and night workers just getting off duty. If you manage to remember the time you spent here, you'll never forget it...


Le Clan

Clemence, the owner of Le Clan created in January 2004 PRAGUE IN to support DJs from Czech Republic and help them to become more famous outside.



Batalion - Internet and Hard Rock Cafe with live music (rock, jazz, latino, funky), Disco and Little Galerie - open nonstop. Batalion Hard Rock Cafe enables you to watch the most prestigious football leagues as well as other sports broadcasts...