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Attracting DJ's from all over the world, Prague has become a clubbing hot spot. But it depends not only on big gigs so that a party succeeds and this explains their inconsistency of public attendance. Have you ever been on a guest list in a city you have never visited before?

Prague as the new centre of Europe, tourist attraction and a new business hotspot, also succeeded in attracting international references in the music industry.

The largest stadium-like infrastructure accommodates up to 250'000 people and therefore is unique in Europe. Besides concerts, in combination with the normal entertainment offer, it also starred in getting the most successful DJ's to play in Prague and top notch clubs where obvious to come. Various club names title the billboards with some unique act and all dance styles are offered to you throughout the week.

Prague offers more than 100 clubs, of all sizes and styles, so you definitely gain if you request for assistance to guide you to the place and responds the most to what you are looking for.


Dance Club Duplex

The Duplex Club is designed as a gigant glass cube, built on the roof (6th and 7th floor), set in the very heard of Prague alongside the famous Wenceslas square.


Dance Club Radost FX

If you're in Prague you cannot miss a trip to I.P. Pavlova to see Radost FX, the multi-level complex housng a club, cafe, lounge, art gallery, CD shop and video/DVD rental store. Also famous for its vegetarian fare, Radost FX is extremely popular with Czechs, expats, and tourists alike and is a great spot to eat late (kitchen now open until 5am).


Dance Club Mecca

From the beginning it has been one of the most popular places for Prague's night life as well as for various cultural and social events. In April 2000, Mecca started cooperating with the 'head' of Prague's clubing scene, Jaroslav Krampol, and his production company Zep Tepi.