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Dance Club Mecca

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Dance Club Mecca

U Pruhonu street 3, Prague 7
Open: Fri-Sat till 3:00

Popular club, restaurant and cafe playing good quality dance music and attracting decent DJs from Europe and the US. The restaurant/cafe offers a good selection of cheap eats.

Six years ago Prague witnessed the opening of Mecca, a venue that has become one of the most influential dance clubs in the city. Found in Prague's mostly industrial Holesovice district,

Mecca focuses primarily on DJ parties and House music. Last week, for instance, it played host to Germany's famous Milk N Sugar, who "let a bit of the sunshine in". It was either be there or be square for those into the club scene.

The dance space is big enough to host a truly decent party: a large black room with a massive bar. On the weekends many dress to kill on the dance floor at Mecca where it's nice to "see and be seen". Though there's no dress code many people who do come like to make an impression.

One final aspect worth mentioning about Mecca is Holesovice itself, the area that still houses a good share of factories and warehouses. Mecca cranks out music all night, never having to worry about keeping locals awake.

You can party till late at night or early morning, then marvel at the alien industrial landscape when you cab it home; a landscape that will make you think you are in the East end in New York City rather than Renaissance Prague.

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