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Fusion Restaurant & Club concepts provide complete catering and entertainment destinations for the entire night. After work drink, dinner, cocktail bar and dance club unite these services in one single location. The success of 3-D establishments (Dine, Drink & Dance) will be obvious to you on your tour.

The most logic offer is to combine on one single spot the most demanded environments. If these environments match, offer good products and are well managed, then you attract some key customer segments and the place becomes a main reference fulfilling all your needs.

The concepts derivates from group requirements where it is difficult to move a bunch of people from one to another location. Therefore certain establishments decided to provide all services for particular events, where the customer may drink, dine and dance.

The fulfilment of the 3-D demand has been then conceptualized into these fusion ventures, where a targeted perfect entertainment environment allows to attract and retain customers for various reasons.

Today its main purpose is to fight bar and club hopping which spreads the spending power of any hopper on a variety of establishments. Hoppers allow also unprofessional and midscale establishment to survive as the comment 'let's just have a look and we can go on afterwards!' most of the time represents a missed sales opportunity.

Several such concepts have established themselves here in Prague and have simplified the selection process for the tourists on where to go. We suggest to have a look at these places in their peak hours because there you know exactly what sort of atmosphere you will get for the rest of your night. Other than that you may always feel free to take advantage of their special cocktail or dishes that you can only enjoy there.