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Jazz clubs are an integral part of Prague and the quality of the music is simply superb. Prague has a lively jazz scene, so you can always find a place to listen to jazz in Prague. You can often find small big bands in the streets, but there are also many clubs which offer jazz almost every day.

Jazz is a kind of music (originally native American) with strong rhytm and such cyncopation, often improvised.

Jazz has roots in the cultural and musical expression of West Africa and the western Sahel, and in African American music traditions including blues and ragtime, as well as European military band music.

After originating in African American communities near the beginning of the 20th century, jazz gained international popularity by the 1920s. Since then, jazz has had a profoundly pervasive influence on other musical styles worldwide.

Today, various jazz styles continue to evolve.


Jazz Club Akord

Live concerts with the best local jazz and blues musicians every night. Possibility of other styles - world music or folk. This music club is being ran by a musician with many years of experience in a jazz club bar. Just 1 minute from a Metro and tram station Namesti republiky or Masarykovo nadrazi...


Jazz Club U Maleho Glena

The following information should give you an overview of U Maleho Glena and answer most of your questions. If you would like futher information or have more specific requests (private parties, company functions, special events) please contact Glenn Spicker or Martin Sulc.


Jazz Club Reduta

This Prague jazz club played its part in the cultural revival of the mid-60s. Much later, a sax player named Clinton took the stage here while on a state visit to the democratic Czech Republic.


Ungelt Jazz and Blues Club

A very unique live music venue and bar is situated in a historical subterranean rooms from XVth century. Ungelt Jazz&Blues Club features concerts 7 days a week with top national performers and special guests.