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Bob Sleigh Prosek

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Bob Sleigh Prosek

Open: From 1p.m to 10 p.m. on weekdays

Hello fans of fun and adventure! We opened for you the first and the only one bob-sleigh track in Prague on the area of Prosek on June 15th 2005.

You can enjoy riding on the track reaching a speed of 50 km per hour or 'creep' with a walking speed due to a brake by which you can regulate the speed of the trolley.

If you stop holding the break the trolley slows down so do not be afraid and try the ride also with small children- from the age of 8 years they can ride on their own.

The trolleys are for two persons therefore even sensitive people or small children can take part in ride.

The track is 1 km long and has several specialties (eight curve, bump...).

You do not have to be scared that after finish you would have to push the trolley up the track- there is a lift taking you automatically up straight to pizzeria where you can refresh yourself or just take a seat in the terrace and enjoy the view over Prague panorama.

Evening rides are also attractive thanks to special night lights.

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