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Paintball is a modern, fast growing, adrenalin sport. It requires not just speed and accuracy but also tactical thinking and the ability to stay calm. You will experience the joy and satisfaction of victory, as well as the disappointment of defeat. One thing you can be sure of – this experience you will never forget!

Paintball is a sport, a team sport as a matter of fact. Many people will disagree, but the team has to communicate well together. If you asked an experienced team, they would tell you that communication is a key factor. You score points just like any other sport. You can also get penalties just like in other sports. So why wouldn't it be called a sport?

At a newer level, you can just go to fields and play. The fields will most likely rent you guns, gear, etc. You might want to buy paintballs before you go because you might be able to get them for a cheaper price. Some fields have a policy that you have to buy their field paint. If you want to try paintballing, I would go to their web site (if they have one) and see what they require to play. At first, paintballing can be very intimidating depending on what fields you start on. There are some people who have invested thousands of dollars and hours into paintballing and are VERY good. At most fields they will separate the teams evenly. They have different fields for the more experienced players.

If it is your first time you should be very excited and nervous. This is totally normal. After the first couple of games you will be used to it and start watching other more experienced players and start trying to play more like them. This is a good thing for you and a bad thing for the people who are against you!

There is the controversial issue that paintballing is too "war" like. I am not going to get into this too much because it isn't like war and anyone who thinks it is too war like should go play and then you should tell everyone what you think. It will be a much different perspective after you have played. All of the players understand that it is not war, it is just a sport. The most extreme sport. It is a lot more physically demanding than it looks. The people who play at a high level of tournament are in very good condition. If you really want to excel at your game, you should be in top physical condition also.


Prague Indoor Paintball

Come 'n' play this exciting game! The best entertainment facility located just 10 minutes from the city center. With 10 challenging games, an exciting indoor paintball field, players from beginners to the most experienced will have a blast. We offer open games and organized programs for stag parties, team building, and other occasions. Fantastic equipment.