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Zlute Lazne

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Zlute Lazne

Podolske nabrezi 5, Prague 4
Open: 07:00 - 02:00

Zlute Lazne, located at the bank of the Vltava river in Prague 4 - Podoli, covering the area of three and a half hectares, dates back to July 16, 1910. The name, which translates into English as the 'Yellow Spa' comes from the yellow color on the original fence, cabins and buildings.

Miraculous Make-Over

At the beginning of 2005, Zlute Lazne came under the administration of Taiko a.s. and on January 17, 2005, restoration and modernization works were started. Today, after a complete makeover, Zlute Lazne resembles nothing from the past and there is no other similar facility in Prague.

It cost CZK 30 million to transform Zlute Lazne into a multi-functional center for sports and free-time activities for all age groups. Although the transformation is still not complete and will continue in the coming years, it is already quite clear that it offers superb opportunities for spending free time in one of the most attractive natural areas on the eastern bank of Vltava.

Both form sportsmen and gourmets

Zlute Lazne can visit around 8,000 visitors, offering to each and everyone the chance to play sports and relax, along with all the supporting services, such as restaurants and bathrooms. The parking area can hold up to 120 cars and there are wheelchair friendly gavel pathways connectiong it to the main premises.

Under the watchful eye of top representatives from Czech antional beach volleyball, Zlute Lazne has become the prime location for beach volleyball by offering the most extensive premises in the Czech Republic. Should Prague apply for the Olympics in 2020, we would be happy to offer our venues for the Olympic beach volleyball contest.

till, there is much more: a football cage with sand, eight courts for petangue, table tennis, netball, streetball, a giant chessboard, a three meter climbing wall and water bicycles. In addition, Zlute Lazne is the only place in the Czech Republic where you can rent the unique and ever more popular 'dragon boats' for a crew of twenty.

Zlute Lazne boasts a children's play area with an inflatable swimming pool, toy boats and much more. Trained staff provide baby-sitting and games.

There are more than 2,500 seats in the food and refreshment areas encompassing the beer terraces, restaurant and internet cafe. As for the beer, Gambrinus and Plzensky Prazdroj are draught.

Zlute Lazne is open daily from 7am until 2am at the following day. However, the only dining facilities open at 7am are those offering breakfast and are located next to the children's play area. All other facilities open at 9am, with the exception of the restaurant, which opens at 10am.

Zlute Lazne truly is the idal place for spending your free time in an actvie, fun and innovative way. Bring your friends and family along! We welcome company parties and teambuilding activities.

Zlute Lazne Attractions

Grass beach on the eastern bank of Vltava

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