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Prague Nightlife Packages

Nightlife Packages

The best possible support on Prague's nightlife highlights.

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We believe in working with professionals remains the most efficient option to discover and enjoy Prague during your visit. This is the reason why our offer provides you a solution 24/7, meaning 24 hours & 7 days a week. Whether you wish to have a nice walk or a rapid bus-tour with friends, family or office colleagues, we assure you a highly competent and friendly guide to make you appreciate what you would never discover or learn by your own in such a short time.

In general we advice to book a trip in the beginning of your stay so that you are aware of all the beauty and options, Prague has to offer to you. Take a general sightseeing tour in the morning and a general nightlife tour in the evening and you will be set for the remaining of your stay.

The Best of Prague

An ideal experience for all those who want to see the heart of Europe and experience Prague's rich history during a half-day tour.A thousand of years of history awaits you, in a Central European capital that has witnessed many revolutionary turns...

31 EUR / person

Prague Castle

For eleven centuries, Prague Castle has presided over the Vltava River. From the beginning of Czech history, people's attention turned to the elongated hill above the Vltava River whose shape was compared by chronicler Kosmas to 'the back of a dolphin or sea pig'.

10 EUR / person

Jewish Quarter and Old Town

Experience the essence of the very heart of the Old Town and Jewish Quarter. Learn about the timeless history, fascinating events, and the most interesting architecture that encompass Prague's rich heritage.

10 EUR / person

Ghostly Prague

Prague is full of old legends, mysteries, and ghost stories. You can leisurely and safely enjoy your safe visit to Prague in daylight, but in the evening, especially around midnight, be careful - for surprises can meet you around each corner!

10 EUR / person

Evening View Walk

Prague has a special magic, when the evening comes you may feel like you have stepped into a fairy tale. In this unique moment Prague is at its most beautiful. After we cross the Charles Bridge we will venture onto Kampa Island...

12 EUR / person