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Prague Hosting Program 2006

Thanks to the experience gained with the past customers, we have managed and are delighted to present you our new scope of services to give you the best possible support on experiencing Prague's Nightlife highlights.

4 different options are available to you and we hope to be responding to your needs and are sure to exceed your expectations with any booking you decide to make with us.



Junior Tour in Prague

Young and dynamic visitors are looking for the crazy mass that they can join to have a great party. Not interested into a sophisticated environment but mainly dance your evening to the beginning of the next morning will be provided to you by showing you Prague's most visited Clubs by locals and tourists.

Book and enjoy!

4 hours, Euros 19.-/person (min.95 Euros or 5 part.)

Senior Tour in Prague

For all the people that like to feel secure in a city by knowing where all of it is located. This is sightseeing nightlife at its best where we show you the location of the 100 most frequented establishments in Prague. Most visiting professionals take advantage of this offer the first day of arrival. Very useful to orientate yourself and make sure that the following days of you stay succeed for sure as you know where to get what you are looking for.

Book and be a pro

4 hours, Euros 39.-/person (min.117.- or 3 part.)

Non Including VIP

We show you the hottest spots in Prague and also get you in there for free at every hour of the night you will find yourself in the hottest spot in Prague. Be where 'you should' be and enjoy the evening with Prague's most wanted nightlife stars.

Book and feel at home!

6 hours, Euros 59.-/person (min 177.- or 3part.)

Entertainment Planner

The wealth of guided tours, museums, catering options and other entertainment options has created limitless possibilities of scheduling your stay in Prague. While it is easy to find hundreds of city guides and recommendations, we aim at taking every day separately and recommend you for that day the best there is. It is too easy to spend your time in right venue but at the wrong time and miss for timing reasons the best Prague has to offer.

Book and enjoy it like a star!

Eur 40.- / program for a specific date night or/and day

VIP Hosting Package

Would you like to impress your partner? Your friends? Your colleagues or just wish to experience what it would be like if you were a star? Our VIP Hosting Package exactly aims at taking care of such requirements where nothing is left to the unknown. We make you be expected and guest listed in the best clubs, bars and restaurants in the city, provide you an insider VIP Host who will take care of you full time, take care of all transportation requirements and organize anything that provides you the VIP service you desire.

Book & Wow

Eur 99.- / person for 8 hours


Incognito Fashion Tour

Interested in an 'upside down' experience? No carrying bags, ordering of taxis, uncomfortable public transportation or wasting time in between shopping highlights. The Incognito Fashion Tour is the most adequate and efficient way of shopping for any smart shopper. Just tell the driver what you are looking for and enjoy the ride!

The tour is available daily and lasts for 3 hours. You will be picked up at the agreed upon location and brought back to where you need to go. This service is available to you for 75 EUR per car.


How to order

Just fill in the booking form, send us an e-mail to, or call +420 226 201 910-13.