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Beer is the essence of any Czech culinary attitude. It is produced according to Czech methods worldwide and its quality is respected everywhere. No wonder that the Czech Republic has the highest consumption of beer per citizen on an international level. Unsurprisingly you may find more than 800 Pubs in Prague to choose from and a few of them existing since centuries. No other item do Czechs take more pride in and tasting a beer in Prague is a must.

Genuine Czech pub culture has developed itself drastically during the last decade. Most historic pubs are now a waste of time, having forced out local drinkers with inflated prices. It means that a lot more care has to be taken in selecting places to visit, if you want to avoid the unpleasant experience of paying four of five times as much as is necessary.

Whereas before all pubs charged pretty much exactly the same prices, there are now important differences. Unfortunately, caused by the successful tourism industry happy to pay prices which, although still cheap by western European standards, are much higher than those normally charged in the country.

But the wonderful thing about a country with such a broad and deeply-rooted beer culture, is that it consists of far more than just a handful of well-known pubs. Prague is full of them and they almost universally offer decent beer, as well as a diverse array of environments in which to appreciate the famous Czech brewing tradition and skills. Away from the most obvious spots in the city centre ­ the Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square, Charles Bridge ­ old fashioned Czech Pubs carry on. This guide mentions a mixture of all classes of Czech Pubs and includes many well-known city centre pubs, which no longer have any traditional attraction of local visitors but still are worth it to be visited.

Some beer facts (Ref:

The Czech brewing industry has changed since the end of communism. Brewery closures, new technology and foreign takeovers have transformed the industry.

In 1988 most Czech breweries were almost unchanged from 1930's ­ high quality but low productivity. Open fermenters, long lagering times and absence of pasteurisation produced distinctive and flavoursome beers. No other country came even vaguely close to the general high standard of Czech lager.


Pub U Zlateho Tygra

A traditional 'Pilsen' beer restaurant with authentic atmosphere of Old Prague. Excellent Pilsen 12o lager (which you never get together with brandy, despite all your efforts) can be combined with enjoying delicious warm or cold meals.


Pub U Fleku

The restaurant takes pride in its own brewery, especially the historic brewing house from the beginning of the century, the stacked cooling vats and the fermentors in the fermentation cellar made, according to old specifications, of oak wood. The brewery received its present look during the 1986 reconstruction that resulted in a modern, but unique historic brewery.


Pub U Kalicha

This gastronomic oasis and the meeting place of fine tasters from all over the whole world didn't always look so romantic as it does today. The restaurant conceals legends but also historic truths. In the period of the influence of "Svejk"...


Novomestsky Pivovar

Novomestsky Pivovar (the New Town Brewery) is situated just 400m from Wenceslas Square and is a traditional Czech pub, restaurant and micro-brewery all rolled into one.


Pivovarsky Dum

Pubbing in Prague has never been for the dilettante. It's a serious business, a religion to some, powerful enough to have shrugged off every regime and remain stoutly intact.


Sherlocks Praha

Pubs like this, by the same name, exist for many years now in England, the United States and also in Ostrava in the Czech Republic. In fact, the original Czech Sherlocks Pub sits in a prime spot right in the heart of the Ostravas famous Stodolni Street which houses lots and lots of hip local bars and restaurants.