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Pivovarsky Dum

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Pivovarsky Dum

Jecna/Lipova street 15, Prague 2
Open: 11:00 - 23:30

Average price for main course: 4 EUR

Pubbing in Prague has never been for the dilettante. It's a serious business, a religion to some, powerful enough to have shrugged off every regime and remain stoutly intact.

One can hardly expect to experience this netherworld's greatest joys and mysteries, then, without sacrifice. To an acolyte of local brew and gulas, a half-hour wait to be noticed is as nothing. Damp rings around the elbows of your jacket from a neglected puddle on the table before you? Ha! It is to laugh. The complete infusion of your clothes, hair and lungs with other people's unfiltered cigarette smoke? Go on, give me your best puff.

The faithful are rewarded with the joys of beer cheese, utopenci (a cold, pickled cousin of bratwurst) or topinka, that fried-hard, salt- and garlic-loaded hunk of toast so loved in the darkest corners of Zizkov. Real pub food is for the devout. If you're not up for a night of grotty surroundings, you'd best satisfy yourself with something else.

Unless, of course, you happen upon Restaurace Pivovarsky dum.

Casting all the above rules to the wind, this clean, bright establishment has thrown open the pub doors to all, without muss or fuss. What's more, they have gone one better and opened an affordable, refreshing and creative microbrewery pub with daring deviations from pivo classics.

True to its traditional pub roots, Pivovarsky dum's menu offers sausage, beans, fried and pickled pork, dumplings and potato croquetts, along with classics such as svickova (beef in cream sauce) and goulash. But, unlike your classic old-timer's pub, it's all served quickly, cheerfully and is exactly what you ordered. Service, along with the decor, has been made over from top to bottom: clean-cut, aproned waiters bustle about, gliding over the light wood floor, steering around tables and swerving around the black-and-white tiled central bar. Gleaming copper vats where the house brew is made are on display, and an angled mirror lets customers in on a view of the malt-processing tubs.


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