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Baracnicka Rychta

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Baracnicka Rychta

Trziste street 23/555, Prague 1-Lesser Town
Open: 11:00 - 23:00

Prague's Mala Strana or Lesser Town may be beautiful but it's not an easy place to find a restaurant with prices the average resident of the city can afford. One of the few pubs with regular prices in the area is Baracnicka Rychta. What's more - it has a very interesting history.

Baracnicka Rychta has two parts, a cosy dark wood pub upstairs - where they serve very drinkable Plzen beer - and a hall downstairs which is used as a venue for everything from Scottish ceilis to swing nights.

Baracnicka Rychta was opened almost 70 years ago by members of a Czech patriotic society - the Baracnici - the first branch of which was formed in 1874. There are Baracnici organisations around the country to this day. Frantisek Nikl is the manager of Baracnicka Rychta.

150 years ago the society was formed to ensure that Czech culture didn't die out, that the nation's culture didn't die out, because in those days there was pressure from Germany - we were under Austria and we had to resist pressure from the Germans.

To this day the society has 30,000 members from around the whole country - they like tradition, history and so on.

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