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Pizzeria Di Carlo

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Pizzeria Di Carlo

Karlovo namesti 30, Prague 1
Open: 11:00 - 22:30

Pizzeria di Carlo was established as a family business in 1997 on Karlovo nam. (which in English means Charles Square, hence the name Pizzeria di Carlo).

There is a painting enshrined in its logo (the picture on the wall of the ante-room by the artist Miroslav Houste) which represents a portrait of the Czech vision of Italy.

Thus we strive to bring this idea to life for our guests, not through architecture or mythical beings, but with Italian cuisine spiced with the imagination of Czech chefs.

The fact that so many people frequent our restaurant (not just here but in our other branch on Pikrtova Street in Pankrac as well, which has been running successfully for four years now) is evidence of the quality of our services.

It is also worth mentioning that Pizzeria di Carlo was listed in Gurman 2002, where it occupied 16th place in terms of the number of visitors it attracts amidst some strong Prague competition.

Ultimately, you should come and see for yourself how good we are. You definitely won't be disappointed.

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