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Kolkovna Restaurant

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Kolkovna Restaurant

V Kolkovne street 8, Praha 1
Open: 11:00 - 02:00 (Th 04:00)

In 2002 the first Pilsner Urquell Original Restaurant was opened under the management of the Kolkovna Group.

The project reached Prague. The unsurpassed beer from Pilsen has found its second home here, in the capital city. From the very beginning the idea for the Kolkovna restaurant was to create a unique environment with an inspiring and original atmosphere that would link the best of the Czech brewing tradition and Czech cuisine

adapted to the requirements of a modern day life style.

This has been achieved thanks to the liaison of the Kolkovna Group and Pilsner Urquell Original Restaurants. The idea of the project is to offer a unique, uni- form and harmonised interior style and food, not to mention the excellent quality of Pilsner Urquell beer. This first restau- rant is famous because of its location in the building of a for- mer ‘fee stamping’ office where Govt. securities and stamps were pressed.

The interior of the Kolkovna Restaurant was designed by Jirí Hanzlík, an architect. The interior is deco- rated with historical photos, advertisement notices, historical tools used for beer production and other artefacts illustrating the rich tradition of Pilsen Urquell and beer brewing. Guests are made welcome in a comfortable atmosphere, echoing the beginning of the last century.

The Kolkovna Restaurant is not only a tourist attraction, but also a lively meeting place for modern people who respect history and tradition, and at the same time require originality. The guests´ taste buds will appreciate not only the golden lager Pilsner Urquell but also good quality food. Apart from the traditional Czech food and beer specialities, international cuisine and culinary specia- lities are available. For example, a roast duck served in a roasting pan is worth a mention.

The Restaurant can seat 150 guests inside, 90 guests in the cellar premises and 50 in the front beer garden that is open in summer till 22:00. One can enjoy the atmosphere of this historical place and Pilsner Urquell lager every day between 11:00 and 24:00


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