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Pastyrka Restaurant

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Pastyrka Restaurant

Belehradska street 15, Prague 4
Open: 18:00 - 1:00


Built for the 1967 World Exhibition in Montreal, The Shepherdess's Cottage served as the representative Czechoslovak restaurant for the event. After the exhibition closed, the structure was disassembled and transported across the ocean and rebuilt approximately 2 kilometers away from St. Wenceslaus Square in Prague's Nusle district.

The rustic quality of the cabin structure makes for an oasis in the midst of a busy city environment. Contributing to the stylish atmosphere is a wooden interior, chairs covered with sheep's hide, a fireplace, and the permeating aroma of roasted meat.


Gypsy dulcimer music is played at the Shepherdess's Cottage every evening from 7:30pm until midnight, which has made for pleasant visits at the restaurant for over a generation. The ensemble's repertoire encompasses a wide-range of musical selections, and your personal requests will be taken as well. In advance, groups may also request dance performances given in authentic folk costumes.


The Shepherdess's Cottage can accommodate up to 350 guests, and both smaller and larger salons may be made available for private groups. Our facilities are especially attractive for excursion groups but we will gladly accommodate individual guests.


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