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U Provaznice Restaurant

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U Provaznice Restaurant

Provaznicka street 3, Prague 1
Open: 11:00 - 24:00

This bar has an interesting story behind it. U Provaznice, meaning 'At the Rope-Maker's Wife's' was opened by a ropemaker's bored housewife many years ago. Legend reveals that she was so beautiful that all the men of Prague longed to marry her.

But she only had eyes for her husband, the rope-maker, even though he was away. Boredom lead her to open this bar with the permission of her husband, and U Provaznice came into being. Soon rope-maker heard rumors that his wife was unfaithful.

Upon returning, he strangled his wife with one of his fine ropes. Today, a noose hangs at the corner of the bar, and it is said that the premises are haunted.

Legend about rope-maker

In the old times, nobody knows exactly when a beautiful lady lived in a town, which was called Prague.

The was widely known for her grace and longed a after by all men. However, she loved only one single man, her husband, the rope-maker.

This rope-maker was a master of his craft and therefore he often dwelled on his journeys to the far sea. Nevertheless the loneliness was too heavy to bear for the pretty lady, she suffered under a deep bordom. One time, as her husband had just returned, she asked him if she could have her own pub.

The husband, loving his wife so tenderly and suspecting nothing. Promised with pleasure. Thus the wife set to work with zest and soon her pub was full ...... full of men.

And soon the news started to spread around that the rope maker's

wife provides the men not only with the tasty food and drinks but also with other services. Finally also the rope-maker learned about it.

He hurryed back at home and did not thing that all he had heared could just be a pure gossip.

Heared, in a fit of jealousy, he strangled his wife on a rope.

Since that time, her ghost is always present in the pub. And the curse says that the soul of the woman shall never find peace until she heals all the souls suffering for love.

Unyone who has a problem with his or her partner should touch the portrait of the rope-makers wife in the pub.

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