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Vikarka Restaurant

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Vikarka Restaurant

Vikarska street 39, Prague 1

Average price for main course: 10 EUR

Restaurant Vikarka, also named as Restaurant Vicariate. At the very beginning of the 14th century there were church institutions in these places, however later, during the reign of Charles IV, who yielded the vicars right to brew beer, the Vicars' liquor flowed here in streams.

During the Hussite wars brewing of beer was temporarily interrupted, however it had its expansion during the reign of Rudolph II who resided at Prague castle. His court abound in Spanish grandees who did not draw in and spent richly in the local pub, and even the bargains settled well in the Vladislaus hall were wetted here by artists from all the world...

Rudolph's Foundry

A long, forsaken looking building that, according to the date 1594 under the coronated R, was also built in that year. There had been a house here, belonging to a magnanimous knight, that was rebuilt in the Hussite times. There was a deserted place here and somewhat deeper to the wall a deposit for cannons that was devoured by fire later on. Even the emperor Rudolph II had allowed money for the new construction where then were the bronze statues of Adrian de Vries’s founded and during the Thirty Years’ War a great number of cannons run. During the reign of the emperor Rudolph II there was an alchemist workshop here where, on the authority of the emperor, the known alchemists J. Kepler or Tycho de Brahe were trying to find a way how to produce gold, philosophers’ stone or tincture. The building was later changed into a court stable but when there was built a nicer stable in front of the Powder Gate bridge, the former emperor’s foundry was degraded to a shed. The main cathedral started to be renovated and this house was used as a storage, and in 1876 the whole building was offered to the St. Vitus chapter, and later there was a canonical house built here. There was reconstruction in the classical style here about 1816 but one hundred years later it served again as a stable. It got new appearance in 1964 and then later in 1990... further it was used and repaired in these days.


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