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Ristorante Pasta Fresca

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Ristorante Pasta Fresca

Celetna street 11, Prague 1
Open: 10:00 - 24:00

I am fan of all Ambiente restaurants, but never went to Pasta Fresca for the simple reason that I don’t like the idea of eating pasta out. Yes, I like pasta, it’s not that. But I learned a few things about making good sauces at home, and tailored them to my tastes, so it’s rare I enjoy pasta out as much as I do at home. Plus, pasta is very inexpensive, so the thought of paying 200.- for a plate of spaghetti is, to me, inconceivable.

But on a whim a friend and I stopped in to Pasta Fresca and all that has changed. The first thing I saw when you walk in the door is a woman spreading out sheets of pasta dough and cutting it by hand. All the pasts there is hand made and super fresh. The second thing I noticed was a very cozy, elegant, attractive décor, including art pieces on the wall constructed of pasta noodles. When I asked who did the creative décor I was told the chef himself. This same chef has been working at Pasta Fresca since it opened 9 years ago.

The next thing I couldn’t help but notice was a cart with 6 different kinds of serious Italian cheeses. This ends up being served free with the meal, after the waiter lobbed off chunks and slices and served it up with our basket of delicious bread.

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