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The wealth of guided tours, museums, catering options and other entertainment options has created limitless possibilities of scheduling your stay in Prague. While it is easy to find hundreds of city guides and recommendations, we aim at taking every day separately and recommend you for that day the best there is. It is too easy to spend your time in right venue but at the wrong time and miss for timing reasons the best Prague has to offer.

Compared to other concierge services we are not remunerated by commissions nor do we have any special agreements with service suppliers that would oblige us to consider specific places. Our recommendation is backed up by 6 years of experience in the tourist hosting service provision. Our ability to arrange the impossible has been used since by government personalities, show business celebrities and corporate VIPs. Our rate is per program and usually does not depend on the size of the group we are servicing. Our fee includes a detailed schedule with contact people and phone numbers, addresses, maps, reservations, information about specials and other benefits. For VIP arrangements, please consult our VIP Hosting Package!

Eur 40.- / program for a specific date night or/and day
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VIP Hosting Package

Would you like to impress your partner? Your friends? Your colleagues or just wish to experience what it would be like if you were a star? Our VIP Hosting Package exactly aims at taking care of such requirements where nothing is left to the unknown. We make you be expected and guest listed in the best clubs, bars and restaurants in the city, provide you an insider VIP Host who will take care of you full time, take care of all transportation requirements and organize anything that provides you the VIP service you desire.

Our host will also be the main added value in order to meet other like minded or positioned people and makes sure that you will not feel like a stranger anywhere you go. Our service has been used since years by Credit Card companies for their loyal members, Hollywood stars and many high-rollers that need the special attention while enjoying a great city life with great people. We get tourists to become a part of Prague and not only watching it.

Eur 99.- / person for 8 hours
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Your Prague VIP Hosting Service

When high-rollers and other VIPs travel, they don't leave their arrangements to chance. They make sure they have a person on the ground at their destination who knows everyone and everything necessary to ensure their experience is the best it can be. You are provided with a dedicated host taking care of all bookings, to find anything you are looking for and assists you in any matter of your concern. There is no more professional assistance available in Prague to simplify your life.

The service started with guiding in the evening and provides high-rollers and celebrities with accesses to the most restricted areas and now developed to provide assistance in day activities from shopping to arranging business contacts. THIS SERVICE IS UNIQUE WORLDWIDE!

A VIP host is your person on the scene

A personal VIP host can make the difference between a good time and an event to remember. Normally reserved for celebrities and high-rollers, VIP hosts are now available to you. No one else in Prague offers this kind of value or level of personal service. Don't settle for less.

We will even introduce you to the Prague's VIPs at your selected venue to ensure that you get the service and experience you deserve.

Let us host you for your

  • Birthday Celebration
  • Bachelor Party
  • Corporate Event
  • VIP Guests

Dine, Drink & Dance in Prague

There are more than 120 dance clubs, 300 bars and 800 restaurants in Prague, and 8 million people visit here every year. Do the math. While not every place is hot every night, it's almost certain the club you wish to be in is not known to you. By the time you realize it, your buzz is gone, your evening is wasted and your party is pissed. This is the most unfortunate experience Prague wishes you, so let us take care of your well being and introducing you one of the world's most visited hot spots and nightlife Mecca's.

Your hometown VIP treatment means nothing here!

You may be tight with all the doormen back home in London, Paris, Milano, New York or Hong Kong, but that doesn't make you a VIP in Prague. Every night scores of wannabes try to talk their way past battle-hardened doormen with no luck, so by the time you get a chance to talk to them, they don't want to hear it.

There are No 20 Euro VIPs!

A line pass you buy over the Internet doesn't make you a VIP, neither do promotional flyers...get real. It just moves you from the General Admission line into the slightly shorter VIP line. And doormen are increasingly ignoring these paper-wavers because they screw up the control they want to have over who gets in. In Prague, the 10 or 20 Euro 'handshake' is how you may want to tip the doorman but this does not get you the desired access. Don't embarrass yourself by setting your group's expectations on cruising past the line based on what you've seen on TV or in the movies.

Capitalist Myth: A large group gets in easier because it means 'Big Money'.

No, actually a group of guys is a walking 'trouble convention,' and clubs base their reference on being full of very hot girls and celebrities, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. Groups of girls fare a little better, but a large group without a reservation is seen as disruptive. Walk-in groups have to commit to buying multiple bottles upfront and table fees because tables have to get cleared out to accommodate them, and they leave a 'hole' when they depart.

Nightclub Democracy

It may not be fair, but it is how the business works here...hosts and doormen hold all the power. Giving grief to the guy with the clipboard because you're tired of waiting is the surest way to never get in. VIP Hosting services like VIP unLitd Services by Prague Holiday Ltd.exist because we know the 'Game,' and we want to help people like you enjoy Prague the way we behind-the-velvet-rope VIPs. We Make the Impossible Happen - Unless you're a celebrity or high roller, there are elements of Prague nightlife and entertainment that simply aren't available to you. They are to us, however, and we want to help you experience them.

Do we have to wait in line?

No, you either meet our VIP host outside the club to be walked inside, or you go to the host at the head of the VIP line and he or she will walk you inside. We get your group in like VIPs.

Is the cover charge included?

Yes, when you are guided by us ...ALWAYS!

Are we just put on a list or get entrance tickets?

We know how to work the system! You and your groups are on the guest list and your host will take you past all the lines and into the clubs.

What is bottle service and why do they do that?

This can be confusing to Prague visitors who don't party in London, Paris, Milano, New York or Hong Kong, where bottle service is the rule. The hottest Prague nightclubs require guests, who want to sit down or have a reserved booth or table to place their drinks and bags, to purchase a bottle of alcohol. Expect to buy one bottle for every 4-to-6 people in your party. Clubs do it because the demand for seating is greater than the offer. For partiers, it provides the advantage of being able to fix drinks the way you like them, to not have to wait at the bar or for your server, and frankly, the ladies in your party like it.

How do we move from place to place?

A dedicated driver or the appropriate number of taxis will always be ready to get to the next hotspot. This treatment is included in our services and therefore no trouble with being cheated or ridiculous waiting time.

How do we pay for drinks, food and other services?

Our VIP treatment demands also VIP behaviour. We therefore advice and expect every guest to go out with a minimum of 200 Euros in local currency. This amount is based on our experience with clients running regularly to ATMs. Credit cards may be used in various establishments but are not always accepted. We will even introduce you to the staff at your selected venue to ensure that you get the service you deserve.

Are we only visiting expensive places?

A restaurant, limo and a couple of club VIP packages can add up fast. We do a lot of business with these clubs, so we can give you the same experience for a better price with a few extras thrown in to blow out your evening. Just tell us what you want and we make it happen.

How do we pay for these services?

The agreed upon rate for you and your group must be paid in advance by bank transfer or pick up from your accommodation or other meeting point. Please remember, space in the hottest restaurants, nightclubs and gentleman's clubs may be limited. Much like buying an airline ticket , the earlier you buy your package, the more likely you are guaranteed you'll get what you want.

We are a large group of guys...why can't we get access to Light on a Saturday?

The hottest nightclubs want celebrities and high rollers first, then the hottest girls. Groups of guys can make a club look like a 'sausage factory' or 'fraternity party,' a turn-off to the hot girls who think they're going to get hit on and hassled all night. Working with a Dine, Drink&Dance in Prague in advance, we can make sure your group of guys gets in, and gets the table and bottle service you deserve.

Our Goal

We Protect Your Privacy - Prague is America's adult playground and there are unique entertainment options only found here. For some of our guests, it is important that payment for these options not show up on their credit card statements, or that they not be photographed. We provide the confidentiality and security you require.

We Do This Because We Love It - It's hard to believe sometimes that this is what we do for a living. We are out every night, so when you book a party with us, you can be assured you are going to the hottest spots in Prague.

We Want You to Come Back - The most powerful advertising is word of mouth, and we want you to tell your friends about the amazing experience you had and bring them back.

We Keep your party safe - Often times, when people have had too much to drink, they make poor decisions. When this happens, usually nightclubs and bars in Prague only care about getting you out. Also, groups of ladies that have had too much to drink can be harassed by pushy guys. We will help to ensure that your group stays safe and together whenever possible.

Your Stay in Prague is Only Limited by Time - You can spend more time having the Ultimate Prague Experience by making one phone call or email to us instead of dozens of calls to a bunch of venues.

Birthday Celebration

Can you offer anything better to celebrate a birthday than a perfect VIP evening and being a key individual in particular locations? It is our business to make people happy in multiple establishments and it will be our pleasure to ensure your well being for a unique day in your or your friends life.

Bachelor Parties

Prague is the ultimate bachelor party hot spot, but most people don't know where the best places are, or how to gain VIP access once they get there. WE DO! We keep our fingers on the pulse of Prague and have connections in all of the right places. So, simply tell us what kind of fun you want to have, and we'll make great recommendations, then handle all of the details for you. Let our knowledge and experience turn your ideas into a bachelor party that will make everyone want you to be their best man.

Corporate Needs

We also provide exclusive services to corporate business travellers, helping them make the most out of their limited stay in Prague. We offer a variety of ways for you to impress clients or give a boost to your corporate culture.

In this respect you will provide the necessary added value to convince your visitors and travellers that you are party to collaborate with as proficiency even reaches activity fields that are not your core business.

Our services are used by local consulting companies, banks, insurance giants, head-hunters, industrial corporations and embassies.

VIP Guest

Celebrities and High rollers are used to preferential treatment in all areas of visits and there is no advantage in disappointing them during their stay in Prague. From Limo service to bodyguards, from linguists to local prominence, we are able to optimize their stay to become a unique world-class experience.

From Super-models to movie stars, from royalty to magnates, we had the honour of taking care of Prague's most wanted visitors.