Date: 18 Aug 2019

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Prague is the perfect place for a short break. Prague offers romance, is full to bursting with sights, has loads of atmosphere, and even in its busiest months it offers little pockets of sanctuary away from the tourist hoards. A town of importance since the tenth century, it has long been regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and with its gothic and art nouveau architecture, twisting streets and dozens of black and gold church spires, it is easy to see why it is one of the most popular cities in Europe.

Prague Airport - Ruzyne

Prague Ruzyne International Airport is located about 12 miles to the west of the city. The modern Terminal North handles scheduled and charter flights, whereas the smaller South Terminal deals with private aircraft and freight traffic.

To cope with expected increases in passenger traffic, Czech President Mr. Vaclav Klaus, recently opened the airport's new Terminal North 2, which raises the overall capacity at Prague Ruzyne to over 11 million passengers per year. In essence, TN2 adds a number of air bridges to the existing Pier A and Pier B structures of the Terminal North and will be used for flights to/from other European Union countries under the Schengen regime.

How far from Prague by plane?

Flights to Prague - Map of Europe

London - 2 hours
Amsterdam - 1 hour 30 min
Frankfurt - 1 h 5 min
Budapest - 1 h 5 min
Kiev - 2 hours
Paris - 1 h 40 min
Bruxeles - 1 h 25 min
Copenhagen - 1 h 25 min
Sofia - 1 h 50 min
Bucuresti - 2 hours
Barcelona - 2 h 25 min
Milano - 1 h 30 min
Roma - 1 h 50 min
Warsaw - 1 h 40 min
Athens - 2 h 30 min
New York - 9 h 15 min
Stockholm - 2 hours
Riga - 1 h 40 min
Helsinki - 2 h 25 min
Moscow - 2 h 40 min

Flights to Prague - Czech Airlines (CSA)

Czech Airlines

Prague the home town of CSA. After a huge fleet renewal, the average age of CSA airplanes is approx. seven years. Three types of aircraft create the regular-flight fleet. Airbus A310-300 airplanes, with a capacity of 209 passengers, fly on long-distance flights. Boeing 737 airplanes create the backbone of the fleet and fly on European routes and to the Middle East. ATR airplanes are used for short distance flights. Flies from Prague every day. List of flights with CSA

Flights to Prague - British Airlines

British Airways

British Airways co-operates with other airlines forming different types of alliances, which enable us to extend the number of destinations and benefits we can offer you. When you fly with these airlines, you will enjoy similar levels of service and the high standards that you expect from British Airways, either with 7 flights daily to Prague BA belongs between the leading airlines arriving to Prague airport. Flies from Prague every day.

Flights to Prague - Air France

Air France

Quality is an integral part of Air France's strategy; firstly because everyone at Air France is constantly striving to improve products and services provided for customers, and secondly because Air France has decided to adopt a policy of Management through Quality. Flies from Prague every day.

Flights to Prague - Scandinavian Airlines

Scandinavian Airlines

The SAS Group's strategic efforts are aimed at taking Group companies with 7 flights daily to Prague BA belongs between the leading airlines arriving to Prague airport. These efforts are conducted on two levels. On one level, there are Group-wide strategic focus areas on which all the Group's companies are to work during the strategic plan period; on the other, the various business areas and companies are responsible for preparing strategies to meet the objectives set by the Group.

Flights to Prague - Easy Jet

easyJet Airline

The most ecconomic way how to het to Prague - of course if you book in advance. easyJet introduced a new charity policy in 2004, and we now support a "charity of the year". The airline provides funds and access to staff and passengers to raise funds, and promote the charity through brand awareness.

Following a Europe-wide staff vote, easyJet is proud to announce that our "Charity of the Year" for 2006 will be The Anthony Nolan Trust.

This incredible charity takes back lives from leukaemia by providing bone marrow donors to adults and children in need of transplants. Each year, Anthony Nolan saves the lives of over 500 men, women and children who might have otherwise died.

World Airlines Flying to Prague
Aer Lingus
American Airlines
Austrian Airlines
Belavia Airlines
British Midland
Continental Airlines
Delta Airlines
Deutsche Lufthansa
El Al Israel Airlines
Farnair Hungary
Japan Airlines International
JAT Airways
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
LOT - Polskie Linie Lotnicze
Northwest Airlines
Singapore Airlines
SN Brussels Airlines
Swiss Air Lines
TAP Air Portugal
Tarom Romanian Air Transport
TNT Airways
Turkish Airlines
United Airlines

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