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The castle of Grabštejn is situated not far from Liberec, near the three-country-border area, where the border of Czech Republic, Germany and Poland meet.

The original castle of „Grafenstein“ was founded in the 13th century. In 1562, it was bought by the Crown and Chancellor Georg Mehl of Strehlic, and in 1566 to 1586, he had as a pretentious Renaissance residence.

He also had a clerk's house built below the castle, rebuilt later in the Classicist style around 1830. Shortly before – around 1818 – Duke Kristian of Clam-Gallas had a New Castle rebuilt below the old castle, with a large park around with a number of valuable plants.

The Old Castle or the castle of Grabštejn kept its authentic Renaissance, appearance despite a fire which damaged its upper floors in 1843.

The House of Clam-Gallas owned Grabštejn from 1704 until it was confiscated in 1945. After the war, the castle was still open the public. In 1953, the whole castle complex was taken over by the ministry of Defence.

The old castle's condition significantly deteriorated after the army left, and in 1989, its renewal started. Grabštejn was opened to the public again in 1993. The tower, also opened to the public, offers a marvellous view of the three-border-triangle, the castle's northern wing and the vault.

The most attractive interior in the castle is the Chapel of Holy Barbara, decorated with painting from the 16th century. All the free areas are filled by rich Renaissance ornaments with interlaced figural, animal, and heraldic motifs.

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