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Czech spas offer contemporary treatment and wellness programs in historic settings. Long famous for their "water cures," many scenic towns in the Czech Republic sell their charms for a pittance. Enter a new world of well-being.

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Allow yourself to connect with your body and health. Enjoy the contrasting sensations, warm mineral water and a breathtaking nature. The healing waters of famous springs.

The treatments are designed to relax, cleanse, beautify, and rejuvenate using the curative properties from nature to encourage the body and skin to restore its own vitality and beauty. Step into Spa Treatments and revive your senses.

Czech Republic Spa Cities

Towns as Karlovy Vary (formerly known as Karlsbad), Marianske Lazne (Marienbad), and Frantiskovy Lazne (Franzenbad) were fashionable spa resorts in 19th and early 20th centuries.

Lazne Belohrad - spa hotels
Lazne Belohrad

The spa rehabilitation clinic focuses on the treatment of the locomotive system and our highly experienced specialists show that quality spa treatment gives clients relief from their afflictions for several months.

Lazne Libverda - spa hotels
Lazne Libverda

Libverda Spa, former noble settlement of Clam-Gallas family, is nowadays a small quiet spa, which is situated 25 kilometres far from the town Liberec. It lies in lovely foothills of the northern bottom of Jizera Mountains.

Lazne Msene - spa hotels
Lazne Msene

One of the pavilions, the art deco Dvorana, is the work of Jana Letzel, a Czech architect who later became well known in Japan.

Janske Lazne - spa hotels
Janske Lazne

According to Simon Huttel, Trutnov chronicler living in the 16th century, the thermal spring under Mount Cerna hora was discovered as early as 1006 by Jan of Chockov and it was named after him, i. e. Jan's spring.

Frantiskovy Lazne - spa hotels
Frantiskovy Lazne

The history of Frantiskovy Lazne can be easily divided into three chapters: the history of the springs, the history of the town and the history of the world famous spa town

Velke Losiny - spa hotels
Velke Losiny

The Spa Velke Losiny is sought by the visitors and spa guests prirnarily for the medical effects of the local mineral waters, but also for its pleasant location in the foothills of the Hruby Jesenik Mountains.

Karlovy Vary - spa hotels
Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is world-famous for its beauties and eventful history and primarily for the unique hot mineral waters.

Podebrady - spa hotels

The town Podebrady was established near an important crossing on the river "Elbe" in 1224. There is a castle which is the dominating feature of the town.

SPA hotels we recommend

Hotel Thermal Karlovy Vary (4 stars)
Hotel Thermal Karlovy Vary

The classical traditional Karlovy Vary spa treatment in its complex form is being provided to the patients at the spa hotel Thermal: medical and laboratory examinations, drinking cure, reflex massages, classical massages, complete electrotherapy, laser, pneumopuncture, gymnastic, inhalations, ...

Hotel Lazensky Park Podebrady (4 stars)
Hotel Lazensky Park Podebrady

The spa hotel Lazensky hotel PARK****is situated on a colonnade pedestrian zone in the calm and beautiful surroundings of Podebrady Spa town, next to the town large park. Its idyllic location guarantees complete relaxation.

Hotel Dvorak Karlovy Vary (4 stars)
Hotel Dvorak Karlovy Vary

Hotel Dvorak is situated in the heart of Karlovy Vary, directly on Tepla River and close to the colonnades. In our hotel, with its year-round operation, you don't have to miss the comforts of a four-star hotel during the spa treatment.

Hotel Carlsbad Plaza Karlovy Vary (5 stars)
Hotel Carlsbad Plaza Karlovy Vary

The Carlsbad Plaza is the first 5star spa & wellness hotel in Karlovy Vary, opened in December 2005. Hotel Carlsbad Plaza is located in the quiet ambience of the spa zone, in the vicinity of the spa facility Lazne I. (Spa I).


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