Frantiskovy Lazne

The history of Frantiskovy Lazne can be easily divided into three chapters: the history of the springs, the history of the town and the history of the world famous spa town. Please join us on a trip through history.

The decision to found Ves Cisare Frantiska (Emperor Frantisek's Village) in 1793 started a brand new area in the development of the whole West Bohemia region. The high reputation of Frantiskovy Lazne, as the health resort amidst greenery with miraculously curative effects of the local natural springs, was quick to cross European borders and reached across the ocean. The development of the present-day only reinforces its glory.

The present day Frantiskuv pramen (Frantisek's Spring), known in the Middle Ages as the Cheb Waters, Municipal or Fen Bog acidulous waters, has been bringing relief to the sick of the local area since at least the 15th century, as documented by one old preserved document. Another mention from 1617 shows that the reputation of the local mineral water reached further afield, as Empress Anne had the mineral water delivered to Prague in that period.

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