SPA Glossary


Acupressure is a mild, finger tip pressure massage on certain meridian points of the body to stimulate the particular organs associated with these pressure points and to contract and relax the muscles.


Algae or marine-based products are applied to the body in order to detoxify and relax.


Essential oils deriving from natural products such as plants and flowers are blended into an oil before being used for total body massages, inhalation therapy and baths.


Mineral-rich water originating from the sa or hot springs is used to alleviate stresses and strains as well as aiding digestion.

Cold Plunge

Ideal after a sauna, a quick plunge in this deep cold water (15.5 degrees or below) invigorates the body and stimulates the circulation.


A water treatment which takes place in a hydro bath. High-pressure jets operate under the water to stimulate the circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage.


A water treatment involving underwater massages, hot and cold pressure showers and mineral baths. Marine hydrotherapy is a form of thalassotherapy treatment using seawater jets to massage the body.

Inhalation Therapy

Designed to decongest the respiratory system by inhaling a steam that has been combined with essential oils.

Jet Shower

Administered while standing up, the body is blasted with a high-pressure hose held by the therapist. Depending on the desired result the water can be either hot or cold.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A therapeutic massage using a gentle pulsating pressure which increases the lymphatic flow to drain the body of toxins.

Polarity Massage

A deep pressure massage using a rocking, holding and massaging technique, designed to balance the body's electromagnetic energy through touch.


Reflex zones in the feet and the hands are massaged with finger-point pressure to promote self-healing, improve circulation and relieve stresses in other parts of the body. Reflexology is especially effective for treating Asthma, headaches and migraines.


A method adopted from Eastern medicine, which is applied by specially trained medical staff. By way of massage strokes pressure is applied to the acupuncture points in a specified body region (e.g. head or neck). The aim is to remedy pathological conditions in the given areas.


Curative and preventive method adopted from Chinese medicine, which is applied by a specially qualified doctor. Acupuncture needles are inserted through the skin at specific points of the body or the ear to influence pathological processes throughout the entire body. For the treatment to take full effect, several sessions are recommended.

Aroma Steam Cabin

An application which, by means of hot steam, results in a thorough warming of the entire organism. Aromatic ingredients are available. Applied either as an independent treatment for beneficial effects on the respiratory tract, circulation, skin condition and for releasing muscle tension - or as a pre-warming treatment prior to massages.

Aroma Massage

A combination of the beneficial effects of manual massages and aromatic oils, whose essences have beneficial effects on the nervous system and contribute to a complex effect on the whole organism.

Peloid Bath

Utilises both the effects of a warm bath and peloid (peat moss), which mainly targets all chronic pathological conditions of the motor apparatus, especially the joints.

Cupping Glass Therapy

A method adopted from Eastern medicine, which is applied by a specially trained medical staff. Specially designed, preheated cupping glasses are applied to specific areas of the body (mostly along the spinal column). The beneficial effects result from the lower-than-atmospheric pressure in the glass bulbs. The method may also involve a dynamic massaging movement of the cupping glasses, resulting in an effective reduction of muscle tension and the elimination of pain conditions.

Bionic Lamp

A utilisation of light energy for local bio-stimulating applications that accelerate the body's regenerative healing processes. The positive effects on the immune system result in shorter healing periods.

Herb Bath

The effects of a warm bath are combined with that of medicinal herbs, which are applied according to the individual medical problem of the patient (e.g. insomnia, exhaustion, arthritic pain, neuroses, skin conditions). Depending on the specific focus of the method, it may contribute to a stimulation of the organism, relaxation, regeneration, pain reduction in physical movement and the healing of skin conditions.


This application perfectly simulates the environment of the Dead Sea and is based on the flotation principle. A floating bath contributes to the healing of skin problems, especially psoriasis and eczema. It results in absolute relaxation, both physically and mentally, thereby helping to resolve stress and exhaustion for overall regeneration and an improvement in conditions affecting the motor apparatus.

Hydro Colon

A cleansing bowel treatment by way of technical intestinal irrigation. A doctor's assessment based on a close medical investigation of the bowel is required for this application (coloscopy / sigmoideoscopy). The screening can be arranged to be undertaken in Carlsbad (price is approx. CZK 2,200) or alternatively, the doctor may be provided with the results of previous screenings, which may be up to 12 months old. Hydro Colon will result in a full cleansing of the bowel and is particularly effective in the treatment of constipation and other intestinal conditions, however, it is very useful in the treatment of allergies as well.

Individual Gymnastics

Individual exercise under physiotherapeutic supervision on doctor's prescription. This application aims for the elimination of specific pathological conditions affecting physical movement.

Infrared Cabin

This application utilises the effects of infrared radiation, which thoroughly penetrates the skin and subcutane tissues, causing an in-depth warming of the organism. It has positive effects on chronic degenerative as well post traumatic conditions affecting physical movement or the respiratory tract. It strengthens the immune system and improves the overall vitality. Subjectively, this application appears more tolerable than sauna or steam applications.


This involves oral and nasal inhalation of aerosols with active ingredients. Indications are conditions of the upper and lower respiratory system.

Classical Massage

Full or partial manual massage using cream or oils, mainly directed at regenerating the muscle-bone system. The increased circulation improves local metabolism as well as oxygen flow to the tissue. Muscular tensions are released.


This is a local application of cooling thermogel packs to treat inflammations and chronic conditions as well as local swelling.


One of the light energy applications, only available upon doctor's prescription. Particularly effective with chronic conditions affecting physical movement (joints, muscles, connective tissue, tendons) and to support the healing of skin and subcutane lesions. Also very effective with post-traumatic and post-invasive conditions of the motor apparatus, mainly through its stimulating effects on biological processes.


A mechanical application, which supports the drainage of lymphatic and tissue fluids (from the lower and in some cases the upper limbs). Used, for example, on lymphatic oedemas, some post traumatic conditions and venous insufficiencies. May also be used to reduce cellulites.

Magnet Therapy

This application is part of electrotherapy and is only available upon a doctor's prescription. The high-frequency magnetic field employed is suitable for various conditions and illnesses, mainly affecting physical movement, bone fractures, poor circulation and osteoporosis. The treatment can be applied through clothes or plaster casts.

'Akebany' Method

A method which has been adopted from acupuncture techniques for both diagnosis and treatment purposes. Heat is applied in short doses to the end points of the acupuncture lines by means of specially designed rods, which are applied near the nail beds of the fingers and toes as well as the upper and lower limbs. Based on comparative screening of the reactions by either side, conclusions can be reached on pathological processes along the individual lines, organs or systems.

Oriental Massage

CA full body massage adopted from Thai methods. It is carried out on the floor. The client is wearing light clothes, through which special techniques are applied, such as pressure, muscle stretching and easement of joint tension. Utilising the acupuncture lines, this massage has a favourable effect on circulations of the entire body, leading to perfect harmony and relaxation.

Oxygen Therapy

Based on a method introduced by Prof. Manfred von Ardenne. 40% oxygen is inhaled through a two-way nasal tube while vitamins and minerals are given simultaneously. It increases the oxygen supply to the tissue, which greatly improves the physical and psychological state of the client. The procedure is well tolerated and patients report feeling less tired and an improvement of the overall condition.

Parafango Packs

Mainly applied around the spinal column, muscles and joints for a slow release of heat and minerals into the treated areas. Available upon doctor's prescription. Its effects range from reduced pain during physical movement to relaxation. Applied in hand packs, small and large parafango packs.

Pearl Bath

A micromassage of the skin by air bubbles which are released through a grille at the bottom of the tub. The effects are improved blood circulation and overall relaxation.

Drinking Cure

An essential Carlsbad method. Mineral water is taken repeatedly in controlled doses straight from the spring, according to a doctor's prescription, in which the doctor specifies the amount and frequency as well as the spring type. The optimal duration of the drinking cure is three weeks. Repeating at six-month intervals is recommended.


A treatment which activates active acupuncture points by applications of carbon dioxide injected under the skin. It results in relief from painful syndromes and other functional problems.

Underwater Massage

A massage carried out with a jet of water, resulting in a general relaxation and improved physical movement.

Reflex Massage

A manual massage carried out by a qualified therapeutic specialist according to doctor's prescription. This procedure aims to eliminate pathological conditions affecting physical movement, mostly located in parts of the spinal column, by influencing the autonomic nervous system.

Reflex Sole Massage

A manual pressure massage stimulating the reflex points of the soles. The sole of the foot represents a microsystem of the whole body, which allows the practitioner to diagnose pathological processes throughout the entire body and effectively influence these at the same time.


A variety of applications to facilitate regeneration and relaxation of the whole body. The cardiovascular system is trained very effectively.

Sedative Massage

Utilises the soothing effect of aromatic oils and special massage techniques for a complete relaxation of body and mind.

Cinnamon Pack

A suitable treatment of cellulitis causing cosmetic and health problems and affecting mostly women. It is applied to the most affected areas (thighs and buttocks), followed by a short high- intensity massage with cupping glasses, which further promotes blood circulation in the skin and subcutis and flushes toxic waste products from the cells.

Salt Chamber

Pleasant and cleansing micro environment created by a large amount of salt crystals. Suitable for resting after sauna or steam applications or just for cleansing the respiratory tract.

Dry Carbon Dioxide Bath

Carbon dioxide is applied by sealing the patient's body in a special bag filled with carbon dioxide. This application is relatively gentle and suitable for older patients also. The effects are similar to those of carbon dioxide baths with water. Effective for regeneration and reconditioning in all age groups.

Carbon Dioxide Bath

This is a bath in water saturated with carbon dioxide. It improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and promotes general relaxation.


Mechanical energy application by high-frequency soundwaves. Doctor's prescription is required. Results in improved blood circulation, absorption of post-traumatic swellings and haematoma, in-depth heating of muscles and subcutane structures. Broad indications covering all conditions of the motor apparatus.


Combination of the effects of a hot bath and automatic underwater massage from built-in jets. Suitable for motor system conditions and to achieve a general stimulation of the body.


Pleasant water application. Used for preparation for sauna or classic massage sessions. Combines the effects of classic massages, whirlbath and pearl bath.

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