Janske Lazne

According to Simon Huttel, Trutnov chronicler living in the 16th century, the thermal spring under Mount Cerna hora was discovered as early as 1006 by Jan of Chockov and it was named after him, i. e. Jan's spring. The version that it was discovered in the 11th century by prospectors searching for gold, silver and rare metals is, however, more probable. The first historical record can be seen in the Municipal portfolio concerning the house of Silberstein property and comes from 1300.

Another interesting mention of Janske Lazne can be found in the travel journal of papal legate Aeneas Sylvius, later Pope Pius II, who had a bath in the thermal spring during his travels round Bohemia in 1451. After the Bila Hora Battle in 1620, the Silberstein family's property was confiscated and the renowned Albrecht of Valdsejn became its new owner. Jan Adolf Schwarzenberg acquired the estate of Vlcice, which included Janske Lazne as well, in 1675 and he established a spa there and promoted it.

He built the first spa building near the springs and charged G. H. Hettmayer with writing a scientific treatise about them. Another significant event in spa history was the visit of Crown Prince Rudolf, successor to the Austrian throne, after whom the Rudolf Valley was named and has kept its name to this day.

In 1867 Janske Lazne became an independent community, which in 1901 bought all spa facilities allegedly for 1,010,000 crowns. At this period the spa developed rapidly: telephone, water supply, electric lighting were established, new hotels villas and pensions were built and the Trutnov. Svoboda nad Upou railway was opened.

A very important event was the establishment of a company, which changedthe treatment of that time. Doctor Oscar Baudysch from the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in New York made a new analysis of the spring which revealed that the water composition is similar to that of Warm Springs in Georgia, USA, where they were specialized in the treatment of post-polio conditions, especially those after poliomyelitis. So Janske Lazne spa followed this therapeutic method and it was met with a good response all over the world.

The company's development was stopped after the area became a part of Germany in 1938 and then due to World War II after which the company was not re-established. All natural curative resources and spas were nationalized at that time. Janske Lazne also played a significant role in sports life since the beginning of the 20th century. In 1925 the International ski association FIS held the first world ski competition in the town and the 3rd International Olympic Games of Workers took place there in 1937.

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