Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is world-famous for its beauties and eventful history and primarily for the unique hot mineral waters.

The Karlovy Vary drinking cure firstly improves the digestion. Nutrient intake and the supply of the body with vitamins and minerals are improved. The results the drinking cure produces in cases of stomach complaints, digestive disorders, diseases of kidneys, gall-bladder, pancreatic gland and intestines are also extremely favourable.

The metabolism is activated, which is essential, particularly for those suffering from diabetes, gout and excess weight.The blood count is positively altered and the cholesterol level decreases. All the processes of excretion are enhanced as are the capacity of the body and its immunity system for self-purification.

Springs in Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary Springs
  • THE HOT SPRING - Sprudel Colonnade 73oC 2.000 l/min
  • THE CHARLES IV. SPRING - Market Colonnade 63,8oC 4,8 l/min
  • THE LOWER CASTLE SPRING - closed - it does not flow
  • THE UPPER CASTLE SPRING - closed - it does not flow
  • THE MARKET SPRING - Market Colonnade 61,6oC 4,9 l/min
  • THE MILL SPRING - Mill Colonnade 52,7oC 4,5 l/min
  • THE NYMPH SPRING - Mill Colonnade 60,1oC 4,8 l/min
  • THE PRINCE VACLAV SPRING I - Mill Colonnade: 63,7oC 4,1 l/min
  • THE PRINCE VACLAV SPRING II - Mill Colonnade: 60,4oC 3,6 l/min
  • LIBUSE SPRING - Mill Colonnade 59,6oC 3,1 l/min
  • THE ROCK SPRING - near the Mill Colonnade 45,4oC 2 l/min
  • THE FREEDOM SPRING - the pavilion near Spa III 59oC 5 l/min
  • THE PARK SPRING - Military Spa Sanatorium 39,6oC 1,5 l/min

SPA hotels in Karlovy Vary

Hotel Thermal Karlovy Vary (4 stars)
Hotel Thermal Karlovy Vary

The classical traditional Karlovy Vary spa treatment in its complex form is being provided to the patients at the spa hotel Thermal: medical and laboratory examinations, drinking cure, reflex massages, classical massages, complete electrotherapy, laser, pneumopuncture, gymnastic, inhalations, ...

Hotel Jadran Karlovy Vary (3 stars)
Hotel Jadran Karlovy Vary

SPA HOTEL JADRAN *** is located in a quiet part of the spa area in twelve minutes walking from the well-known Spring Colonnade.

Hotel Olympia Karlovy Vary (4 stars)
Hotel Olympia Karlovy Vary

The Hotel Olympia is situated in the heart of the spa resort close to the famous Geyser, the hottest mineral spring, and of other mineral hot springs. Hotel is ideally located with beautiful views of park and forest hills, of the river as well as of the theatre.

Hotel Dvorak Karlovy Vary (4 stars)
Hotel Dvorak Karlovy Vary

Hotel Dvorak is situated in the heart of Karlovy Vary, directly on Tepla River and close to the colonnades. In our hotel, with its year-round operation, you don't have to miss the comforts of a four-star hotel during the spa treatment.

Hotel Romance Karlovy Vary (4 stars)
Hotel Romance Karlovy Vary

For the spa treatments mineral springs and natural peloids are used. Hot curative springs with temperature from 42oC to 73oC are used for drinking cure.

Hotel Kolonada Karlovy Vary (4 stars)
Hotel Kolonada Karlovy Vary

This first class, excellently equipped hotel offers typical, but high standard services. The hotel has at its disposition two restaurants, balneological facilities, a sauna, a solarium, a cosmetic salon, a hairdresser’s, a swimming pool, among others.

Hotel Aura Palace Karlovy Vary (4 stars)
Hotel Aura Palace Karlovy Vary

AURA PALACE is located directly in the heart of spa territory, close to the world-renowned Vřídlo with thermal curative water.

Wellness and Spa Hotel Ambiente Karlovy Vary (4 stars)
Wellness and Spa Hotel Ambiente Karlovy Vary

Located in the heart of Karlovy Vary, the luxurious Hotel Ambiente**** gives its guests a choice of 40 comfortable, elegantly furnished rooms or suites with magnificent views of the spa colonnade.

Hotel Carlsbad Plaza Karlovy Vary (5 stars)
Hotel Carlsbad Plaza Karlovy Vary

The Carlsbad Plaza is the first 5star spa & wellness hotel in Karlovy Vary, opened in December 2005. Hotel Carlsbad Plaza is located in the quiet ambience of the spa zone, in the vicinity of the spa facility Lazne I. (Spa I).

Wellness Hotel Jean De Carro Karlovy Vary (4 stars)
Wellness Hotel Jean De Carro Karlovy Vary

The newly opened Wellness Hotel Jean de Carro**** is located in the heart of Karlovy Vary with a panoramatic view of the town and ideal conditions for anyone in search of recreation.

Residence Vridelni Karlovy Vary (0 stars)
Residence Vridelni Karlovy Vary

Residence Vridelni is located in the spa area overlooking the famous Mill Colonnade. Hotel Residence Vridelni is an ideal place for a long-term stay in Karlovy Vary. Though situated right in the Colonnade area, it is quiet and safe.

Interhotel Central Karlovy Vary (4 stars)
Interhotel Central Karlovy Vary

Situated in the heart of the spa zone, the CENTRAL spa hotel is a unique place for your therapeutic or relaxation stay in the town of Karlovy Vary. In its quiet environs (within 100-meter distance from the Hot Spring Colonnade with the famous hot springs), you can find also a theatre, concert hall, museum, and designer shops.

Parkhotel Richmond Karlovy Vary (4 stars)
Parkhotel Richmond Karlovy Vary

Traditional spa hotel complex offers 116 rooms in three and four star furnished guest rooms equipped with satellite TV, telephone, minibar and safebox.

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