Hotel Olympia Karlovy Vary Karlovy Vary

4 stars hotel
Divadelni square 43/5, Karlovy Vary
Travel Agent Contact: +420 226 201 910-13

Hotel Description

The Hotel Olympia is situated in the heart of the spa resort close to the famous Geyser, the hottest mineral spring, and of other mineral hot springs. Hotel is ideally located with beautiful views of park and forest hills, of the river as well as of the theatre.

The hotel building ranks among unique noteworthy houses built at the beginning of the 20th century. In 2002 the house was totally refurbished and renovated preserving traditional architecture of the Art nouveau Style but ensuring maximum comfort and design for it s guests.

SPA Description

he core of the Karlovy Vary methodology is a prescription of the natural mineral water drinking cure. The unique composition of the water favours the fat and sugar metabolism and has also positive effects on the digestive tract.

The spa hotel specialises in treatment of following diseases: diseases of digestive tract, stomach ulcer, duodenum ulcer, diseases of gall bladder, of pancreatic gall and intestines; metabolic disorders - diabetes, goat, arteriosclerosis, obesity; diseases of locomotor organs, rheumatism, spinal column and joints problems.

Spa Rates

18 Apr 06 - 12 Oct 06
13 Oct 06 - 22 Dec 06
single room140 EUR120 EUR
double room with atrium view120 EUR100 EUR
double room with from view130 EUR110 EUR
double room with balcony140 EUR120 EUR
suite150 EUR130 EUR

Price per room per person includes: Full board /diet or normal meals/ comprehensive treatment ( medical examinations,3 procedures daily,ECG, laboratory analyses, drinking cure), bathrobe, whirlpool, spa tax.


How to contact us:
telephone: +420 226 201 910-13