Lazne Belohrad

Lazne Belohrad

Ann's Peat Spa is characterised by its ability make visitors and patients feel at home during their stay. The keystone of this philosophy is taking a completely individual approach to each patient. This is one of the reasons why many patients return again and again. The other reasons include the high-quality care and treatment, which help them so much in their lives.

Guests greatly appreciate the approach of the spa's staff, whose kind and professional conduct create an atmosphere of peace, comfort and trust.

Ann's Peat Spa was the first spa in the Czech Republic to be awarded a certificate testifying to the introduction of a quality management system in accordance with international standards by the German certification office ITI TUV Munich. Yet proof of quality by a certificate would not be enough.

Ann's Peat Spa has a great deal to offer. With us, the journey to health is a pleasant one.

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How to contact us:
telephone: +420 226 201 910-13