Lazne Libverda

Libverda Spa, former noble settlement of Clam-Gallas family, is nowadays a small quiet spa, which is situated 25 kilometres far from the town Liberec. It lies in lovely foothills of the northern bottom of Jizera Mountains. Its altitude is 425 metres above the sea level and is located on the border of Czech Republic, Germany and Poland. The spa is surrounded by mixed forest, which together with its foothill location determine its climate. Summers are mild without greater temperature variation, autumns are dry and warm. The climate is so exceptional thanks to the flow of warm air.

The history of the spa

The springs have been known since the 14th century, when the mineral water here was called "Water given by God". According to historical notes Saxon elector August I came to cure here in the 16th century and later also the owner of the local manor, Albrecht from Valdstejn. The report from the year 1785 says: "Water has a salutary influence on mind, nervous system, on cheering up the mind, speeding up the pulse, freshing up the activity of body organs and clearing disorder in nervous system." The spa became famous and blooming thanks to the noble family of Clam-Gallas. In the years 1783-1808 classicism and empire pavilions were built. The number of springs increased. To the original one, called Christiansbbrunn, new spring came into being - Maria's, Vilemina's, Edward's, Josefina's, Bierbon and Hubert's which now can be found near the spa collonade. Russian duchess Anna Fedorovna, music composer Carl Maria von Weber, writers Josef Jungman, Franz Kafka, Alexandr Humboldt, Josef Vitezslav Simak, emperor Josef II., politician Jan Masaryk, conductor Vaclav Talich and others came here to cure.

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