Day lines

operation 04:30-midnight
frequency: during the week, most tram routes operate every 8 minutes in the morning & afternoon peaks, and every 10 minutes at other times. At weekends, tram routes operate every 15 minutes.
number of routes: 26 day routes.

Night lines

operation 00:30-04:30
frequency: every 30 minutes
number of routes: 9 night routes

Most useful tram lines
Tram lines 22 and 23 - run from Prague centre up to the rear entrance of Prague Castle.


Map of trams in Prague

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History of Trams in Prague

1922 - 1938 could be characterized as a golden age of Prague trams. The first postwar tram track to cement works in Podolí in 1922 was followed by other tracks and the network was extended to the outskirts of Prague. During construction of the segment Zlíchov - Hlubočepy in 1927 the tram network exceeded 100 km.

There were also a series of reconstructions of tram tracks and roads in the very heart of the city. During the interwar period the rolling stock of trams almost doubled and at the end of 1938 it consisted of 647 motor cars and 748 trailers, including also 68 various service cars. In 1930 new trailers with a central entrance and a lowered platform were introduced.

From 1936 there were first unidirectional trams with closed entrance door and a fixed conductor´s post allowing passengers to get on only through one door designed for such purpose. In 1938 tram network covered 132.7 km of tracks with 22 lines of a total length 258.45 km. Almost 282 mil. passengers were carried throughout the year (Just by comparison - in 1919 over 145 mil. passengers).

Source: DP-Praha

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