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Vrsovice History:

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The origin of Vrsovice dates back to the dwellings in the valley of Botic, to the time when the first counts settled in Vysehrad . The name of Vrsovice is mentioned in 1088 in the constituting chart of the Vysehrad Abbey,to which the then village pertained. Consequently, various other owners possessed the village.

For example, in the years 1311-1328 the village, the vineyards and the fishery in the valley of Botic belonged to the Praguer Stuk. The Prague Order of the Cross purchased his property. The centre of the village was always the fort on the banks of Botic.

The economic life of Vrsovice moved around the fort for many centuries. During the rule of Charles the IV. the surrounds of the fort and the slopes of the Botic valley turned into vineyards. However, during the 30 Years War a general downfall of the economic life was felt. Vrsovice had likewise been affected with the battle of Vysehrad in 1420.

The village witnessed the defeat of king Zikmund and it was from here that the troops of the later Czech king George of Podebrady began its attack on Vysehrad .

In 1556, Kašpar Granovský of Granov, the secretary to the king Ferdinand I. obtained the village. The Granovsky later sold the property to Trcka of Lipa.

After the huge confiscation of 1620, the Trcka lost the village and it passed into the hands of the Sternbergs and their relatives, the Paars. The latter did not frequently dwell in the village, and encumbered the village, which had 70 houses in 1788, heavily.

A luckier time for Vrsovice came in 1797, when Jakub of Wimmer (1754-1822) purchased it. Wimmer used to be an officer of the Austrian army, but he ended as a lieutenant and became one of the aristocracy as a reward for his military success. He was an apt businessman too. He owned Vrsovice, Nusle, Zabehlice and several other villages as well as Platyz in Prague. He introduced modern methods in agriculture, grafting, built orchards, vineyards, he cared very much about the development of manufactures, and supported culture graciously.

Wimmer, who is also known as one of the co-founders of Vinohrady, was a citizen of honour of Prague, but fell into complete oblivion soon after his death. A single street on the border of Vinohrady and Vrsovice used to bear his name (now J. Masaryka Street) The last reports about the fort of Vrsovice date back to the 19th century and the last nobleman to own them was count Buquoy.

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