Wedding is celebrated everywhere in world, go ahead and read all about traditions in Czech Republic.


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Wedding Traditions

  • Rice - After the ceremony in church or office, newly-weds are spilled with rice, sultanas or sometimes sweets - they will have lots of children. Recently the same means if child is sitting on the bride during the wedding banquet.
  • Protection Magic - Friends throws Newly-weds near their house nutlets, corns, or coins as a sacrifice to ghosts of the house. This sacrifice should reunite ghosts with new with new family.
  • Flowers spilling - nieces of newly-weds goes in front of the wedding parade and spilling flowers (heathen`s tradition). Flowers may lure on the goddess of pregnancy.
  • Wedding lane - frieds creates lane and newly-weds has to pass through. Friends are trying to stop them but without force. Value: passing marriage under the hardness.
  • Retraction - Groom`s friends strains a rope on the way out of church, decorated with flowers, ribbons or empty bottles, close way until groom compensates. Value: Groom buys back his youthful evils.
  • Doorsil - Why groom carries with bride above the doorsill? Evil ghosts lying under the doorsil and guarding a house has to be overreached. Also it is a symbol of starting new life.
  • Circle Dance - Bride is dancing with closed eyes. Single girls are trying to get a piece of bride`s wedding veil. Men creates a protection circle around the bride to protect from the others girls.
  • Kidnapping of the bride - Is symbol of separation from parents and is start to new life. In late time when Weeding Banquet finished, bride is kidnapped by newly-wed`s friends. If groom cannot locate the bride, groom has to pay ransom.
  • Bridesmaids - are free girls who goes with bride to the church. This tradition has two values: Ghosts, which would attack the bride, should be mistaken with bridesmaid. Bridesmaids has to have very similar wedding dress to the bride.
  • Two Heads, One Soup - Groom with bride eats soup together from one plate on the wedding banquet and it symbols newly-weds cooperation.
  • Crash Plate - This tradition has two values:
    • Cullet gets luck
    • Common sweep newly-weds demonstrates cooperation in marriage

  • Wedding cakes - cakes are baken 3 - 6 weeks since wedding celebration. Cakes are given to friends, kindreds and neighbours as an invitation to the wedding celebration. Cakes has to have at least 3 various filling and are demonstration of a good housewife.